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Why not Working?

1. Either there is no host on the organization with the comparable IP

2. There is a host with this location in the organization yet your host is set to Static IP and that too on some other location.

3. Your host can't speak with the hose on the grounds that possibly it isn't reachable or your host can't discover it.

You can take a stab at pinging it on the terminal or Command brief like this: "ping" and hit enter subsequent to composing this order without the altered commas and see what results do you get.

How to Find


Assuming you are asking what the default secret word on a router is, you would need to give the make and model at least. You could simply go online to the producer and look for the clients manual, where most creators will print/give the default secret key or reveal to you how to discover it.

Some routers have default passwords imprinted on the units name (this is the creator attempting to not utilize a solitary secret key on the entirety of their gadgets). On the off chance that the gadget has had it's default secret word changed, your alternatives are more restricted. In case you are the proprietor and have actual admittance to the gadget you ought to have the option to do a manufacturing plant reset to change the secret word back to the default.

Be that as it may, you ought to possibly consider doing this in case you are the proprietor, additionally in the event that you do this you typically should set the unit up once more. The standard way is to either record the old settings or save a reinforcement arrangement document to be utilized to reestablish settings after the reset. Be that as it may, both of these will be troublesome in the event that you can't get into the Router in any case.

So to recap, nobody can address your inquiry with the data you gave. Assuming you are not the proprietor/administrator you shouldn't be attempting to get access since it's not yours. At long last if the gadget is yours and you have physical access you could possibly do a manufacturing plant reset to reset the secret key to the default. Yet, you may lose all the settings.